Contracts and Agreements


RFP No. 2015-17 Vending Machine Services 12/31/2020
RFP No. 2019-18 Comprehensive Roof Consulting Services 01/17/2021
RFP No. 2020-11 Music Therapy 01/31/2021
Kansas City Chiefs, KC Wolf 02/01/2021
Bid No. 2019-17 Yearly Contract for Shredding Services                                        02/21/2021
RFP No. 2018-07 Integrated Pest Management Services 02/22/2021
Bid No. B-19/20-03 Trash Liners 03/12/2021
Bid No. 2018-24 Purchase and Delivery of Fuel 03/23/2021
Bid No. 2018-28 Yearly Contract for Fiber Optic Infrastructure Services 04/20/2021
Bid No. 2017-08 Flooring Improvements 04/13/2021
      FDC Contract a John A Marshall Co  
      Regents Flooring     
RFP No. 2020-PUR-007 Universal Paper Products (COOP Contract) 04/14/2021
 RFP No. R-19/20-03 Printing of High School Yearbooks 04/30/2021
Bid No. 2018-25 Yearly Contract for PE Uniforms 04/30/2021
Bid No. B-19/20-04 AV Presentation Tools 04/30/2021
     Best Buy Stores, L.P.  
     Electronic Contracting Company  
     Kansas City Audio Visual  
Bid No. 2019-06 Semi-Annual Contract for Copy Paper 04/30/2021
RFP No. R-19/20-01 Copy & Printing Services 05/01/2021
Bid No. 2019-31 Yearly Contract for Exterior Doors & Hardware 05/16/2021
Bid No. 2018-17 Yearly Contract for Air Filters 05/17/2021
Bid No. 2018-21 Yearly Contract for Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Services 05/17/2021
Bid No. 2017-17 Resinous Flooring Improvements 05/18/2021
RFP No. 2018-06 Supplemental Health Care Staffing for Special Services Department 05/20/2021
     ATX, LLC  
    Favorite Healthcare Staffing, Inc  
    SHC Services, Inc  
Bid No. 2018-22 Yearly Contract for Abatement Services 05/27/2021
RFP No. 2019-32 HVAC Water Treatment & Cooling Tower Cleaning 06/12/2021
Bid No. 2018-37 Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems Inspections 06/14/2021
RFP No. 2018-36 Social/Emotional Evaluations 06/14/2021
Bid No. 2018-23 Contract for Infrared Scan Services  06/15/2021
B-19/20-05 Elevator Maintenance Services 06/17/2021
RFP No. 2019-26 Professional Training in Mathematics for District Staff 06/30/2021
RFP No. 2017-05 Musical Instrument Rental and Repair 06/30/2021
RFP No. 2019-38 Printing & Mailing of “Our Schools” Publication 06/30/2021
Bid No. 2018-26 Utility Locating Services                                       06/30/2021
RFP No. 2019-36 Videotaping & Production Services for Board of Education Meetings 06/30/2021
Bid No. 2016-23 Solid Waste, Recycling & Portable Restroom Services 06/30/2021
 RFP No. 2017-06 Middle School Yearbooks 06/30/2021
     Bernard Campbell  
     Pleasant Lea  
     Summit Lakes  
RFP No. 2017-03 Facilitator Services for Team Lee’s Summit                                                             06/30/2021
RFP No. 2018-32 Photography Services 06/30/2021
     Inter-state Studios  
     LifeTouch National School Studios, Inc  
     Pearce Photographics Inc  
RFP No. 2019-34 Equity Based Consultant Work 06/30/2021
RFP No. 2018-45 Athletic/Activities Photography Services 06/30/2021
     Inter-State Studio  
     Pearce Photography  
     Photographic Enterprises Corp (PEC Sports)  
     Summit Studio  
Service Contract for Kilns and Wheels 06/30/2021
RFP No. R-19/20-09 Student Transportation 06/30/2021
     ALC Schools, LLC  
     WHC KCT, LLC,  dba zTrip  
RFP No. R-19/20-05  Electronic Asset Disposal Services 06/30/2021
Clubs Choice Fundraising 06/30/2021
Fluorescent Lamp Recycling 07/25/2021
Overdrive Agreement 08/16/2021
RFP No. 2019-42 Behavioral Services 08/09/2021
RFP No. R-20/21-01 Teletherapy Services 08/20/2021
RFP No. 2019-35 Temporary Staffing Services 08/31/2021
RFP No. 2019-49 Demographer Study Services 09/08/2021
Bid No. 2019-01 Chain Link Fencing Services 09/23/2021
RFP No. 2016-26 Yearly Contract for Purchase of Bus Camera Systems 09/29/2021
RFP No. R-20/21-01 Translation Services 10/22/2021
Bid No. B-20/21-03 Aquatic Center Starting Blocks 10/22/2021
Bid No. 2018-03 Interior Cabling Services 10/29/2021
     Allegiant Technology  
     Black & McDonald  
Bid No. 2019-06 Semi Annual Contract for Copy Paper 10/31/2021
Fundraising University 11/14/2021
RFP No. 2020-06 Wellbeing Services 11/21/2021
     Beth Harrell LLC  
     Hy Vee Inc  
     Myo Core LLC  
     Zachary Jameson, DC PC  
     The Zen Zone  
RFP No. 2019-16 Charter Bus Services 12/13/2021
      Heartland Motor Coach, Inc  
      Windstar Lines, Inc  
RFP No. 2020-10 Scanning Services 12/19/2021
Bid No. B-19/20-01 Yearly Contract for Ice Melt 01/23/2022
RFP No. 2019-43 Unified Communications, Contact Center and Related Services, Equipment, and Applications (Sourcewell Coop Contract #022719-MBS) 04/11/2023