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Contracts and Agreements

 Bid No. 2016-23  Solid Waste, Recycling & Portable Restrooms  06/30/2018
Bid No. 2014-12/3R Underground Facility Marking Services 06/30/2018
Bid No. 2014-35/3R Commercial Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspections 07/20/2018
Bid  No. 2014-36 Yearly Contract for Behavioral Services 08/10/2018
Bid  No. 2014-40/3R Yearly Contract for Chain Link Fencing Services 09/25/2018
 Bid  No. 2014-42/3R HVAC Water Treatment & Cooling Tower Cleaning Services 11/05/2018
RFP  No. 2014-48 Charter Bus Service 12/11/2018
       Heartland Motor Coach Pricing
       Kincaid Coach Lines Pricing
Bid No. 2016-05/3R NJPA Cooperative Contract Award to Mitel Business Systems, Inc #040314-MBS 02/01/2019
RFP  No.2018-07 Yearly Contract for Integrated Pest Management 02/22/2019
RFP No. 2015-16/1R Copy & Printing Services 02/28/2019
     24 Hour Business Cards
     Office Depot
Bid  No. 2016-08/2R Yearly Contract for Classroom Presentation Tools 03/20/2019
     Best Buy
     Kansas City Audio Visual
Bid No. 2018-24 Purchase and Delivery of Fuel 03/23/2019
Bid No. 2018-28 Yearly Contract for Fiber Optic Infrastructure Services 04/20/2019
Bid No. 2018-25 PE Uniforms 04/30/2019
Bid No. 2018-17  Yearly Contract for Air Filters 05/17/2019
Bid No. 2018-21 Yearly Contract for Hardwood Flooring 05/17/2019
Bid No. 2015-12 Elevator Maintenance Services 05/24/2019
Bid No. Yearly Contract for Abatement Services 05/27/2019
RFP  No. 2015-14/3R Printing of Yearbooks 06/14/2019
Bid No. 2018-23 Infrared Scan Services 06/15/2019
RFP No. 2016-38 Videotaping and Production Services 06/30/2019
RFP No. 2016-24/2R Student Transportation Services 06/30/2019
     American Logistics Company, LLC
      Kansas City Taxi, LLC
      Secure Medical Transportation
 RFP No. 2017-06 Middle School Yearbooks 06/30/2019
     Bernard Campbell
     Pleasant Lea
     Summit Lakes
RFP  No. 2016-18 Electronic Asset Disposal Services 06/30/2019
RFP  No. 2017-30 Printing & Mailing of “Our Schools” Publication 07/01/2019
RFP No.  2015-17 Vending Machines Services 07/31/2019