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Purchasing and Distribution Services

“We Deliver”

The Purchasing and Distribution Services department researches all available products and services.  Purchasing staff works collaboratively with each site administrator to procure the best products and services available, all in accordance with Board of Education policies and State and Federal purchasing guidelines.  Purchasing staff is responsible for writing bids, request for proposals (RFP’s), request for quotes or qualifications (RFQ’s), and contracts or agreements for services.  Purchasing staff also reviews all purchase orders.


“To deliver quality products, provide exceptional customer service and ensure a safe and secure environment for our students, staff and community”

Our primary department functions include:

  • Purchase goods and services for each student
  • Operate the District’s distribution center
  • Operate the District’s textbook depository
  • Operate the District’s disposal of surplus property programs
  • Operate the District’s mail and laundry systems
  • Operate the District’s storage facilities


Core Values

  • Improving processes to facilitate ease of procurement
  • Understanding and responding to our customers’ needs
  • Promoting the overall safety of students, staff, and patrons
  • Retaining the integrity and confidentiality of customer data
  • Continuing to be a leader in innovation